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Our Services

SCT FLOORS offers a wide variety of high quality polished concrete options. 

From economical Honing & Sealing or Low sheen Industrial look surface polishing thru to top of the range Mechanically Polished Concrete. SCT FLOORS finishes can be customised to suit your style. 

Mechanically Polished Concrete

Husqvarna HiPerfloor

HIPERFLOOR® by Husqvarna is a complete concrete surface polishing system, which enhances the beauty, strength and abrasion resistance of concrete floors while reducing maintenance and costs.

Choose from fully exposed aggregate to nil exposure polished cement finish, high gloss down to low sheen and anything in between.      

Acrylic Polished Concrete

Husqvarna Hiperguard Acrylic polished concrete

An interior 'Hone and Seal'

Diamond Burnished Concrete

This process is Mechanically Polished Concrete that has a Nil or Salt and Pepper finish at the sheen level required.

Care should be taken not to confuse it with "burnished concrete" (a highly trowelled finish by the concrete workers that is just cleaned and sealed) offered by some. It has neither the longevity nor durability of SCT FLOORS mechanically burnished system.

Acrylic Burnished Concrete

Wax modified Acrylic Burnished Concrete

Honed Indoor Polished Concrete

(Mechanically polished to very low sheen finish)

True honed concrete follows the same mechanical polishing process as fully polished , ground to desired level of aggregate exposure but is simply finished at a low sheen level and a penetrating sealer / stain guard applied.

Honed Outdoor Polished Concrete


A premium outdoor finish - great for Alfresco spaces.

In essence it is the stage between course grinding and fine polishing.

It can be sealed with either a topical coating or a penetrating sealer for a more natural look.

This can be used for smoothing exposed aggregate to make it much more foot friendly.


 Luxury exterior polished finish

Combining two elements in one - a smooth polished surface yet beautifully textured.

Soft under foot and non-slip.

Perfect for all exterior surfaces.

Grind & Seal

Economic outdoor finish

Concrete is coarsely ground to expose aggregate, smoothed to a medium texture and sealed. Non-slip additives available.

Premium Industrial Finish

Refined Industrial look for your floor

This is a sophisticated industrial look with great longevity and durability. 

A nil exposure grey cement finish from a low sheen matte to high end gloss.

This finish is produced by the densification and surface polishing of a trowelled slab.

Surface Preparation 

The grinding of contaminated concrete surfaces to prepare for future floor coverings

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